Saturday, July 21, 2012

Stripe Zombies in My Brain

I feel like a zombie, a stripe zombie.

Usually zombies are pictured as (undead) people who have only one thing in their mind, brains. Well, in my case, it seems like I have only one thing on my mind - STRIPES.

Or what do you say about this collage I put together to show you what I've had on my needles for the past few weeks or so?

Seriously. It's a disease!

Täällä neulotaan raitoja. Raitoja, raitoja, raitoja.


  1. No mutta raidat nyt vaan on niin nättejä. :)

  2. Looks fantastic - I mean, there could be worse obsessions, right? (stranded colourwork... stranded colourwork....)

  3. Oh, I know berenike! I went through that stranded color work phase about two years ago... It's so addicting too! :D

  4. Siltä vaikuttaa, olet riivattu, raitariivattu! :D mutta ei kai sen väliä, jos lopputulos on noin hienoa!?